Ways of acquiring the services of the Vita Loyalty Multi Card

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The all- round service, including the automated control of the consumer cards, is provided by our company through:

  • The specialized software which we provide at all retail points connected to the company which participates in our program.
  • The methods and conditions under which the discounts or other services, are provided to the cardholders are incorporated in the above software. (For example x % discount for purchases above Y euro from this chain, in one receipt, or during a specific time period)
  • The already running software at a store, under the condition that a few adjustments might be proposed by the participants of the loyalty card program. These adjustments are the obligation and responsibility of the company and the provider / manufacturer of the previously existing software.
  • The software (server) which centrally processes the information it collects periodically from the retail stores.
  • At the end of each day, the collected data is automatically transferred to the main server which is located at our offices.
  • Technically, at every affiliate retail point, a databank of all consumers who purchase products from the preset stores will be built dynamically.
  • The card will also prove useful (apart from the network of stores) in other separate applications concerning a specific store. In this case the central server, as described above, no longer applies. The total management of the 'Consumer's Card' is exerted by the local software system which will cooperate, (co-exist, co-run) with the loyalty-cards management subsystem.