But what is the Vita LoyaltyMulti – Card?

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This consumer's card is given free of charge so that consumers can take advantage of benefits thanks to their loyalty in some products of specific brands or stores or chain stores that participate and adopt this program.

The Vita Loyalty Multi Card is different from other similar loyalty cards because of the following:

  • Products of many different brand names are included.

    This means that:

    • The card holder is no longer obliged to keep many different loyalty cards during shopping.

    • The consumers of each brand name that participates in the card program, are available to all the other brand names. Therefore the consumer database available to all brand names is extended.

    • The card will hold strong and become widely known since it will be supported by all the marketing departments of all the companies, stores, chain stores that participate in the program.

    • The advantages for the consumers are multiple since they can enjoy benefits from many different suppliers (for example para-pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, chain stores etc).

    • Consumer dispersion is significant, since card holders are people of different consumer interests.(cosmetic products, parapharmaceuticals, OTC , Shoes, orthopedic etc).

  • With the use of the loyalty card, the monitoring of individual products of each brand name will be made possible.

  • The update of the data base, containing all buyers purchases, will be made either periodically or daily through an ADSL connection, making therefore the communication inexpensive or allowing the program to be used even in stores with a smaller clientele.

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • Consumers are regularly informed.

  • Delivery service of goods purchased from stores who cooperate with the loyalty card will be made available if the stores are interested.